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Electronic Scrap

As an R2 certified facility you can trust that we are taking the utmost care when it comes to your sensitive data, and handling all electronic materials in an environmentally friendly way. All material that passes through our facility is handled in accordance with all federal, state, local and municipal laws and regulations. Through a rigorous downstream audit process you can feel safe that any material you bring to us will be handled properly from its arrival at our facility all the way to becoming new materials.

Didion Orf Recycling can provide a number of services to help make your Electronics Recycling experience as easy and profitable as possible for you or your business. A list of services is detailed below:

Complete Data Destruction

As an R2 certified facility we offer complete data destruction, so our customers can breathe easy knowing that any sensitive data that may be left on your storage media is destroyed in accordance with all NIST guidelines. Hard Drives containing sensitive data are stored in a locked fenced in area inside our warehouse, which is under 24 hour surveillance. We offer Mechanical Degaussing, which keeps the HDD intact but renders it physically inoperable. Didion Orf Recycling also offers DoD wiping software, as well as complete physical destruction by means of shearing, or shredding. Whatever your needs may be Didion Orf Recycling can facilitate your data destruction. Upon completion of data destruction, Didion Orf Recycling can issue a certificate of recycling, which certifies your data destruction. For more information on our Data Destruction Process please contact a Didion Orf Recycling representative.

Small Business and Corporate Clean Outs

Didion Orf Recycling can provide service for your company’s obsolete or surplus electronics. Whether it is an upgrade or a full clean out, we can bring a team on site and remove any unwanted electronics from your facility. Depending on quantity and types of material Didion Orf Recycling can provide this service free of charge, or can pay for your obsolete or surplus equipment. Please contact a Didion Orf Recycling representative to discuss our Asset Management Program.

Open to the Public Six Days a Week

At Didion Orf Recycling there is no need to wait for a weekend event to get rid of your unwanted electronics. We are open to the public six days a week. If you have any equipment you would like to recycle you can bring it to us anytime during regular business hours, and in most cases we will even pay for your obsolete or surplus electronics. Small fees apply for items containing leaded glass, and microwaves. For more information please contact a Didion Orf Recycling representative.

Electronic Scrap Price List

Electronic Scrap

Cell Phones2.00 Lb
Network Gear0.20 Lb
Digital Satellite Receiver0.10 Lb
AC Adapters0.10 Lb
Computer Fans0.05 Lb
35% Computer Wire0.50 Lb
Ribbon Wire0.15 Lb

Whole Units

Whole PC Towers0.25 Lb
Incomplete PC Towers0.15 LB
Whole Laptops0.60 LB
Incomplete Laptops0.30 LB
Whole Servers0.25 LB
Incomplete Servers0.15 LB

Internal Components

Hard Drives W/ Board0.50 Lb
Hard Drives W/O Board0.25 Lb
Shredded Hard Drives0.15 Lb
Power Supply0.15 Lb
CD/Floppy Drives0.10 Lb
CU Yokes0.60 Lb


Li-Ion Laptop Batteries1.00 Lb
Li-Ion Cell Phone Batteries0.50 Lb
Ni-Cad Batteries0.05 Lb
Ni-Mh Batteries0.25 Lb
Lead Acid Batteries0.20 Lb
UPS0.10 LB

Computer Boards

PCI/Motherboards2.50 Lb
Pentium 4 Motherboards1.50 Lb
Low Grade Motherboards (blue, red, purple, etc.)0.85 Lb
Low Grade Boards0.10 Lb
Mid-Grade Boards0.50 Lb
High Grade Boards2.60 Lb
Gold Memory Scrap7.00 Lb
Silver Memory Scrap2.50 Lb
Gold Plated Connectors0.50 Lb


Mixed Fiber Processors5.00 LB
Mixed Ceramic Processors15.00 LB

Negative Value Items

CRT Monitors$10 Per Unit
CRT Televisions.40 per Lb
Microwaves$5 per unit

No Value Items

Household Electronics$0.00 LB
Printers/Copy/Fax$0.00 LB
Keyboard/mice/etc.$0.00 LB
LCD Monitors/Televisions$0.00 LB


Didion Orf Recycling Electronics Recycling Contacts

St. Peters:

Luke Weaver – Electronics Manager

DJ Feldewerth – Electronics Supervisor

St. James:

Jeremy “JR” Hardy